Conditions of Carriage

Following Conditions of Carriage are subject of reconfirmation by the Tour operator or the airline fore each separate flight. Before the flight please contact the relevat ticket/tour package issuing office for details!

Free luggage allowance

Standard hold baggage allowance – 20 kg

If not otherwise stated, adults, children are allowed to carry 20kg of baggage free of charge, excluding cabin baggage.

The free hold baggage allowance for infants (0-2 years) is 10kg.

The standard applicable free baggage allowance is shown on BUL AIR passenger ticket or Touroperator voucher.

For specific agreements please such as increased baggage allowances please contact your Touroperators.

Cabin Baggage Allowance

Cabin (Carry-on) baggage for all passengers of BUL AIR flights will be free of charge up to 6 (six) kilograms. For safety reasons, only one piece of hand baggage per passenger will be allowed into the aircraft cabin and overall dimensions shall not exceed 55x40x20cm.

The bag should be of a size to fit under the seat in front or in the overhead locker.

Passengers will be asked to display their hand-baggage at check-in to ensure that it is suitable to be carried aboard the aircraft. Any outsize or overweight items of hand baggage will be taken from the passenger, tagged and placed in the aircraft hold to be reclaimed from the baggage belt at the destination airport.

In addition to the allowed one piece of hand baggage the following items will be carried in the cabin as free allowance:

  • 1 overcoat, wrap or blanket
  • 1 small handbag, wrist bag or bag with shoulder strap
  • 1 umbrella or walking stick
  • 1 small camera and/or binoculars
  • 1 pram / buggy which usually can be used up to entrance of airplane but then will be loaded in baggage compartment.
    Buggies / Prams are acceptable for carriage if folded up and protected against unfolding.
  • a reasonable amount of reading material for the flight and for an incapacitated passenger
  • 1 pair of crutches
  • self-operating dialytic equipment
  • other prosthetic device.ii.

Excess baggage


In case the total baggage weight exceeds the free baggage allowance the passenger will be informed at check-in desk. Transportation of excess baggage can only be accepted after payment of the applicable surcharge.

Bulk or special baggage is not a part of the free baggage allowance and has to be paid extra.

As space is limited in respect of weight and volume, all bulk-, special- or excess baggage should be booked and paid in advance or at check-in desk during passenger registration.

Excess Baggage Rates

BUL AIR reserves the right to make a charge for carriage of excess baggage presented at check-in by passengers at a rate of €16.00 per kilo for roundtrip (or €8.00 per kilo for one way) in excess of the free allowance.

Additional baggage can only be accepted subject to hold space and limitations on the aircraft’s maximum take-off weight.

Unless pre-paid, all charges levied will be payable at check-in.

Special baggage

Sporting Equipment

Sports equipment is deemed to be special baggage and must be packed separately. We advise passengers to check in sports equipment in sturdy packaging. It must be recognizable as sports equipment at the check-in desk.

Sporting equipment of up to 30kg per passenger may be transported under the following conditions and charges:

  • Surf €50 up to 30kg

  • Golf equipment €50 up to 30kg

  • Bicycle €50

  • Kite-board €50

  • Ski (one pair) free

  • Diving equipment €50 up to 30kg

  • Canoe / Kayak €50 up to 30kg

The prices indicated are valid for a roundtrip and apply to 2013 departures and are subject to change without notice.

For insurance reasons it is absolutely mandatory that any sporting equipment not suitably packed (e.g. bicycle without box) has to be labeled as 'limited release'.

Sporting weapons

Sporting weapons and their munitions are considered as Dangerous Goods, which are subject of special handling. Due to this reason they are only accepted for transportation with the express authorization of BUL AIR and at applicable excess baggage rate and as hold baggage.

Live Animals

Live animals are carried at the owner’s risk. The owner is responsible for complying with the “IATA Live Animals Regulations” and the requirements/Regulations of the countries of departure and destination. The transport of the live animals must be confirmed by BUL AIR unless booking has been made through

Animals are only accepted for countries within EU (except for the UK).

Pets in Cabin (PETC)

Animals of a weight of up to 6kg including kennel are allowed to travel in the cabin. The kennel must not be larger than a cabin bag (55x40x20cm), leak proof and allow for Safe transport. The animal has to stay in the kennel during the entire flight.

  • Charge – €50.00 for a roundtrip.

Animal in hold (AVIH)

Larger animals may be transported in appropriate containers /according to IATA Live Animal Regulations/ in the cargo hold. BUL AIR does not provide any animal containers.

  • Charge – €120.00 for a roundtrip.
  • Guide Dogs can only be accepted as AVIH.
  • Birds can only be accepted as AVIH..

Medical Equipment and Supplies

Medical equipment such as wheelchairs, crutches and any other special equipment to support incapacitated passengers will be transported free of charge but is subject to pre-advice and permission by BUL AIR.

Apart from technical medical equipment it is also possible to carry on other medical supplies, such as nutrition, medicine etc. free of charge. This should be pre-advised to BUL AIR through the Tour Operator and approved for carriage.

Tour operator specifics

For specific agreements please contact your Touroperators.

Prohibited items

1. Passengers are not permitted to carry on one's person or in baggage articles or substances which are liable to explode, dangerously react, produce a flame or dangerous evolution of heat or dangerous emission of toxic, corrosive or flammable gases or vapours and items that could endanger the aircraft, onboard equipment or persons, in particular:

Lithium Ion Batteries with a Watt hour rating exceeding 160 Wh, "Strike Anywhere" matches "Blue Flame" or "Cigar" lighters, Lighter fuel and lighter refills, Petrol based (flammable liquid) lighters without absorbent wadding(Zippo-type), Fireworks and Sparklers and Flares, Christmas Crackers, bon- bons, unassembled (construct your own), Electro Shock Weapons (e.g. Tasers) containing Dangerous Goods such as explosives, compressed gases, lithium batteries, etc., Disabling devices such as mace, pepper spray, etc. containing an irritant or incapacitating substance, Household Aerosol with a flammable gas diamond, not sporting or toiletry item (i.e. fly spray), Camping Stoves and fuel containers containing a flammable liquid fuel, Security-type attaché cases and briefcases with installed alarm devices, incorporating Dangerous Goods, such as lithium batteries and/or pyrotechnic devices, Personal medical oxygen devices that utilize liquid oxygen, Poisons (e.g. arsenic, cyanide, weed-killers), Oxidizing material (such as bleaching powder and peroxides), Corrosive materials (such as acids, alkalis, wet cell batteries, caustic soda), Infected live animals, Magnetized material – instruments containing magnets, Radioactive materials – medical or research samples which contain radioactive sources, Liquid oxygen systems. Portable oxygen concentrators are subject to prior approval by the Airline.








2. Passengers are not permitted to carry weapons of any kind, either in their hand baggage or on their person, in particular firearms, blunt or sharp weapons as well as containers under gas pressure that can be used for the purpose of attack or defence. The same applies to all types of ammunition and potentially explosive substances.

3. Passengers are not permitted to carry toy guns (plastic or metal), catapults, cutlery, razor blades (both safety blades and open blades), commercially available toys that could be used as a weapon, knitting needles, large sports rackets, billiard or snooker cues, polo mallets and any other sharp articles must only be transported in checked baggage. The same applies to nail scissors and nail files, tail combs and hypodermic syringes (except for documented medical purposes).

4. Passengers are advised not to carry any fragile or perishable items, items of special value, e.g. money, jewellery, precious metals, precious stones, laptops, cameras, mobile telephones or other electronic devices, securities (share certificates etc.) or other valuables or documents, samples, identification documents, house keys, car keys, medication or liquids in their checked baggage unless .Should your Checked Baggage contain any of the items listed in this paragraph, we will not be responsible for any loss, destruction, delay of and damage to such items. Some airports may have further restrictions on carriable items. In such cases the airport's regulations prevail.

Expectant mothers

The Airline will provide carriage for expectant mothers without a fitness-to-fly certificate up to 28th week of pregnancy. The Airline is entitled to demand a medical certificate to state the stage of pregnancy on the date of the return flight between 28th and 34th week of pregnancy. Carriage is not provided for expectant mothers with effect of the 35th week of pregnancy.

Wheel chairs

One (1) wheelchair may be carried per disabled passenger and the Airline must be notified of such a requirement on booking. Restrictions apply to the carriage of motorized wheelchairs on account of the limited hold capacity. When they are checked in, such wheelchairs must be in a condition that ensures their safe handling and transportation.

Traveling with children or babies

To avoid damage to health, we recommend that newborn infants under 7 days old are not carried on flights. Infants travel on the lap of their parent/guardian or person accompanying them. They are not entitled to their own seat.

Unaccompanied minors

Definition: an unaccompanied minor (UM) is defined as child between 2-12 years (minus one day):

  • Traveling without a companion aged over 16 years capable of taking full care of all the needs of the child; and
  • Who is accompanied to the airport of departure and is met at the destination airport by parent, guardian other auhorized adult

Children aged between 2-5 years (minus one day) may only be accepted for travel as UM if escorted by:

  • Brother or sister who is at least 16 years old
  • An adult escort of at least 18 years old

and provided that the Airline is notified in advance and that carriage of unaccompanied minors is confirmed by the Airline (30,00 € per sector).

Children between the ages of 5 and 12 (minus one day) inclusive may be carried by the Airline without a person accompanying them provided that the Airline is notified in advance and that carriage of unaccompanied minors is confirmed by the Airline (30,00 € per sector). Children between the ages of 5 and 12 (minus one day) are also deemed to be unaccompanied if the person accompanying them is under the age of 18. Unaccompanied minors will be carried if an official passport/identity document with a photograph or a certified copy thereof is presented at the check-in desk. The name of the person collecting/looking after the child at the destination airport must be given at the check-in desk. The parent/guardian or person looking after the child must wait at the airport until the departure of the aircraft.


The carriage of pets is subject to a charge and possible with chip implant only. The pets must be transported in a suitable and secure carrier. For reasons of safety and space the passenger's entitlement to carriage of the pet only applies if the Airline was notified and has confirmed the carriage on booking.
The Airline's charge for the carriage of pets in the cabin (maximum dimensions of a pet carrier are 55 x 40 x 20 cm, up to 6 kg in weight) is 50.00 € Flat rate, Round Trip (25.00 € One way). The transport of pets (weighing more than 6 kg) in the cargo hold will be charged with 120.00 € Flat rate, Round Trip (60.00 € One way).

All Special service requests as well as Excess Baggage of more than 10 kg and Special Baggage have to be coordinated in writing min. 72 hours before the flight through:

Your ticket

Each passenger (adult, child or infant) must be in possession of a valid ticket for the respective BUL AIR flight. Only passengers holding a valid ticket (voucher) issued by a tour operator (Charter Company for the designated flight) will be accepted.

Additionally BUL AIR also accepts passengers without classic airline ticket (Ticketless travel) only if they are listed with their names in the PNL (Passenger Name List).

For identification of a passenger a valid passport or valid personal ID is required.

VISA requirements

Please check the visa requirements for respective country with your Tuor Operator. BUL AIR requires all passengers to provide the necessary valid travel documents at check-in and to comply with the requirements of the country flown from, through or into. BUL AIR will not be held liable for any subsequent associated costs should the passenger be refused entry to a country due to the lack of correct passport or visa.

Changing the name on a ticket

Once the ticket has been purchased, the name of the traveler, the date of flight and the route can no longer be changed. For specific ticket questions, please contact your Tour Operator.

Cancellation or rebooking

For questions related to cancelations or rebooking please contact your Tour Operator.

Required documents to travel

Passengers are only carried by the Airline if complete and valid travel documents as well as a valid passport ID card/visa are presented when checking in on time. This also applies to any pets travelling with passengers. Suitable proof of identity (inclusion on the passport of parent/guardian or the child’s own passport) must also be submitted for children and infants.

Check-in times

Check-in starts 2 hours and closes 40 minutes before departure according to the Schedule at the airport of the Place of Departure. Should you fail to (a) complete check-in procedures by the Check-in Deadline, or (b) show up at check-in or at the boarding gate in due time for any reason, BUL AIR shall not be liable for denied boarding.